Our Flag

Our flag shows a grandfather with his granddaughter, hand-in-hand, walking down a path. The grandfather is walking toward his sunset while his granddaughter is walking towards her sunrise.

Are there differences between sunrises and sunsets? Dawn is clearer as the dust has settled overnight. You perceive more colours at sunrise – more brilliant reds and oranges. At sunrise the colors are more focused around the sun. The differences between sunrises and sunsets are symbolic of the effects of living a life, growing old.

Our Mission

The mission of the Circle of Life Endowment Fund is to improve the lifelong outcomes for children and the quality of life of the elderly. With our fund we support organizations and projects working to accomplish these ends.


Our Website

On this website we discuss some of the underlying science and knowledge about the early years and aging. We share how we have investing in ways that make a difference. We have written stories about some amazing people who flourished and contributed in their later years. Perhaps you have some examples.  We hope that this website will be informative and enlightening.

Our causes

Early Years

Early Years

Read about the scientific basis for early years growth and development, UN rights of children, need to level the playing field and the importance of early years to long term health and a successful life.

What We Support


Read about science behind the process of aging, the Seniors’ Bill of Rights, ageism and how prominent it is. What role does loneliness play in our lives as we age? Are there any protections for the elderly?

Elder Advocacy

Elder Advocacy

Read about advocacy for the elderly including stories/biographies about people who have contributed to their communities until late in life. Who would you recommend we write about next?

The Winnipeg Foundation

The Winnipeg Foundation is “committed to connecting donors with opportunities to support causes they care about, as well as identifying and responding to the changing needs of our community”.

The Winnipeg Foundation

We established The Circle of Life Endowment Fund in partnership with The Winnipeg Foundation to support what we believe are the two most vulnerable (dependent) populations in our society, the very young and the elderly. Taking advantage of new knowledge and innovation our goal is to improve the lifelong outcomes for children and the quality of life of the elderly. Gifts to this fund are invested and the annual income generated for grant making will support organizations and projects working in these areas.

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